The disease and a solution to the problem

Who we are
Our Remit

We are a clinical development and licensing organization founded in 2021 and located in Zug, Switzerland. 

We seek to identify, license in/acquire, develop and license out molecules in areas of significant unmet medical need, applying an abbreviated regulatory pathway.
At present, focus lies on Neurology.

CLX-106, a promising molecule for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, has been selected and will enter phase I clinical development with a 505(b)2 regulatory pathway.

Core Team

Urban Skog

Urban has 35 years of experience from Global Marketing, Medical and General Management in Roche and AstraZeneca.

Jan Werkman

Jan has 25 years of experience as a tax and finance executive in various companies including Cephalon.

Clinical Operations Manager


Licensing Manager


Our Focus
Multiple Sclerosis

Present first line treatment dimethyl fumarate (DMF), demonstrates high level of treatment discontinuation due to intolerance.

Common side effects such as GI complications, e.g. flushing, diarrhea and nausea, causes reduction in patient compliance.

Reduced compliance increases the risk of relapse.

CLX-106 is a novel molecule (NME) conjugate of monomethyl fumarate (MMF) with eicosapentaeonic (EPA) for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

CLX-106 is designed for sustained delivery of the active metabolite in the systemic circulation improving AUC and systemic exposure, resulting in enhanced GI safety profile by the IGISIS rating scale.

Pre-clinical outcomes are very promising. The pre-IND has been discussed with FDA and preparations are underway for initiation of phase I development.

FDA has proposed a 505(b)2 regulatory pathway.

Tolerability and patient compliance are critical clinical outcomes for obtaining fast approval by the regulator.

Composition of Matter and Method of Treatment claims patents have been granted in the US and Euro


Composition of Matter and Method of Treatment claims patents granted in the US and Europe, valid until 2034.

How we operate

Our Zug Headquarter is a lean platform organization operating with a network of external service providers.

The core team consists of a handful individuals with solid industry experience. 
Key functions are Clinical Operations and Licensing.

The external partners are top tier scientific advisors, CROs and experts in Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Finance, Legal and HR.

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